Why buy Travel Insurance?

In the Ville Rose

Martine Viens

«We often travel as a family, and rest assured we will never leave without Blue Cross!»

Had it not been for some prudent planning and the purchasing of a Blue Cross Travel Insurance policy, this young family could have wound up in debt over simple otitis. With a sign of relief, Mrs. Viens made a point of thanking our team, not only for its service but also because her husband's unexpected illness prolonged their trip and allowed them to visit Toulouse while he recovered.

July 24, 2006

Customer service manager
Québec Blue Cross

Madam, Sir,

I am writing to thank you for the excellent service we received from your agent Philippe (unfortunately I do not have his last name).

We went for three weeks to Lot (France), backpack and baby on our backs to introduce our nine-month-old baby girl to my husband’s family. We then had to go to Toulouse for our return flight. Yves had a sore ear for two days. So he went to a doctor and was diagnosed with swimmer’s ear. He couldn’t fly for four days because the pain would be unbearable and it posed a risk for the tympanum. We were in shock! Our credit cards were at the limit; we had nowhere to stay and didn’t know anyone in Toulouse. We panicked!
That’s when I remembered our travel insurance. I called CanAssistance and your agent Philippe reassured me right away. He explained to me that:

1. He would take care of getting us return tickets in economy class for July 3. (This was no worse than our flight to France, where Yves was totally squished!)

2. We were entitled to a daily allowance of $200 per person to cover meals and lodging, $600 in total because even our little one was eligible.

3. He would send us a claim form. Wow! God bless you Philippe!

When we got home, our neighbour brought us our mail and the form was there. We got our reimbursement in less than two weeks!

Thanks to you we visited Toulouse while my husband got better. We often travel as a family and rest assured, we will never leave without Blue Cross.


Martine Viens