Why buy Travel Insurance?

Assistance Services
When the unexpected happens, rely on expert assistance.

Thanks to CanAssistance, Blue Cross is able to provide expert assistance should you run into trouble while travelling. Day or night, regardless of where you are in the world, you can call CanAssistance toll-free and be taken care of immediately, regardless of the nature of the emergency.
Even if your travels find you at the other side of the globe, you needn’t worry – our assistance network has branches everywhere. With our service partners, we can ensure that you receive the help and comfort you need.

Pre-Departure Assistance

No matter where you are heading, it's always wise to be well informed about your destination prior to departure.
CanAssistance has all the information you need to ensure you are prepared for any circumstance:

  • Consular travel warnings
  • Visas and other mandatory documentation
  • Vaccination and first-aid kit
  • Health travel tips
  • Health precautions: food, water purification, sun, altitude, etc.
  • Time zone differences
  • Location of a clinic or an hospital close to your resort
  • Everything you need to know to avoid unwelcome surprises

Be better safe than sorry !

Medical Assistance

Our Assistance Coordinators:

  • Recommend the appropriate doctor, clinic or hospital to provide you with the best care for your condition.

  • Contact your own family doctor; the people treating you abroad need to be totally aware of your general state of health before treating any condition.

  • Provide follow-up of your medical file by our doctors and nurses; as experts in emergency medicine, they are qualified to care for illness or injury affecting anyone, from newborns to senior citizens.

  • Take measures to repatriate you by road or air ambulance or regular flight; we make sure that you return in the safest travel conditions.

  • Deliver urgent messages to your family; when hospitalization is necessary, we maintain regular contact to  inform those close to you of your situation. They can also reach us any time of the day or night.

  • Provide coordination of the arrival of a family member, if you need to be hospitalized for over 7 days; when hospitalized abroad, you feel very vulnerable when separated from your family. We will send a relative or spouse to be with you for support.

CanAssistance outs you first.

General Assistance Services

Theft or loss of documents or funds
If you've lost your traveller's cheques and identification, there is no need to panic. Your trip isn't over. CanAssistance will help you deal with the situation. We will put you in contact with your financial institution to replace your credit cards and help you obtain embassy assistance to expedite the issuance of new official documents needed so that you can continue your trip.

Translation service
"Habla englés? ...Francés, neither? Uh, oh!"

A foreign country can quickly lose its charm when you have a problem and people can't understand you. Fortunately, our translation service for emergency situations can help understand your dilemna.

Our help desk consists of individuals who speak many languages fluently. Our members also have access to the AT&T simultaneous translation service with access to translation in over 100 different languages and dialects. 

Accident or legal problem
An accident or incident is unpleasant no matter where you are and always seems worse when you are travelling. Visiting a foreign country where you don't know how the system works, puts you at a major disadvantage. Don't panic. Give CanAssistance a call.

CanAssistance will refer you to a legal information service and deliver any messages to the person you choose.

Depending on the recommended measures, we will do our utmost to help you deal with the situation by making our communication network available to you.

Trip interruption
Suddenly need to interrupt your trip and return home? We make it as easy as possible!

With its network of suppliers, CanAssistance can quickly help you and your family return home.

Interrupting your trip obviously isn't part of your plans; and maybe you qualify for a refund on your premiums or package deal. Our claim advisors will provide you with all the details you need to know to speed up your claim settlement and send you the documents and forms you need to complete.

Finally, we will contact the person of your choice to advise them of your arrival.

Return of a vehicle
If, as a result of an accident or sudden illness, you are physically unable to drive, CanAssistance will take care of the return of your vehicle.

Our policyholders abroad appreciate our professional drivers.

Many people have had the opportunity to benefit from this service, to their great relief. It takes away a great deal of worry to know that your car or your motorhome will be returned safely to your home.

Now, with peace of mind, you can take care of the most important detail: you and your family.

Assistance in case of death
Death at times can be an unfortunate reality. When it happens to someone you love while travelling you need compassion, advice and assistance.

We take care of the formalities with the authorities. We will ensure that your wishes are respected concerning the return of the deceased to the place of your choice.

If you have made no prior arrangements, CanAssistance's authorized funeral home will help you select from the services available. You can call us as often as necessary; we are always ready to listen.

Post-return Assistance
Blue Cross is the only travel insurer to provide you with a medical follow-up in Canada benefit. If you were hospitalized abroad and repatriated by CanAssistance to Québec, you may receive reimbursement of the following fees while recuperating at home or in a medical facility in Québec:

  • Semi-private accomodation

  • Nursing care at home

  • Medical accessories

  • Transportation fees for your medical follow-up