Blue Cross travel insurance plans

List of products
Annual Emergency Medical Care Plan

The Annual product covers all the trips you make within a one-year period. Simply select an average duration for your trips: 17, 31, 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 days.

The Annual plan includes coverage for Emergency Medical Care expenses including hospital accommodation, doctor’s bills, medical appliances, private registered nurse, laboratory tests, emergency prescription drugs, accidental dental care, ambulance service including air ambulance, emergency flight back to Canada when medically necessary, emergency vehicle return, subsistence allowance, repatriation services, medical follow-up in Canada and the ultimate security of CanAssistance Emergency Travel Assistance.

This insurance must be subscribed prior to the departure date of your first trip from your province of residence.

Automatic renewal option!

Our Annual Plan (with or without Package option) can be renewed automatically. This option, available at no extra cost allows you to renew your policy automatically at the expiration date. The new policy includes the same benefits and covers the same Insured person(s) who are still eligible.

The premium is then charged to your credit card. A transaction notice is sent to you 30 days prior to the renewal date stating the new annual policy premium.

If need be, you may modify your coverage, by contacting the insurer prior to the renewal date. Moreover, the automatic renewal option may be cancelled upon your request.

What a practical way to ease your life and you will not need to remember it!