Who are we?

Blue Cross enjoys a solid reputation, and for good reason: from being the forerunner to health insurance in Québec, Blue Cross has become the standard in health and travel insurance.

Blue Cross, a healthy choice

For 65 years, Blue Cross has focused on providing health and safety to Quebecers. Despite the major changes that have shaped Quebec over the last century, the mission of Blue Cross has never changed.

As more than a complement to the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec, its health insurance products are created to improve the lives of its members. In fact Blue Cross does more than meet their needs, it anticipates them. The first to offer home health care, Blue Cross is constantly innovating to go beyond the essential. Its health assistance services serve members daily, helping them take control of their health.

Travelling with Blue Cross

The health and safety of Quebecers is always at the heart of the mission of Blue Cross, even when it comes to travelling outside of Canada. It is with this same commitment for quality that Blue Cross developed its travel insurance products, which are always imitated, but never equalled. Blue Cross remains the standard in travel insurance.

To better serve members while travelling, Blue Cross founded its own assistance services company, CanAssistance, in 1989. The efficient and prompt assistance provided are highly appreciated by travellers faced with an emergency situation and by major Canadian insurance companies that also entrust CanAssistance with the health of their members abroad. Service agreements with the most extensive international medical networks - among which the leading Blue Cross Blue Shield network in the United States - provide travellers with a direct access to the best available medical resources wherever they are.

By going beyond its role as insurer to ensure the peace of mind of its members, Blue Cross has become the preferred partner to members’ well-being. Backed by its experience and financial health Blue Cross fully intends to maintain the privilege of supplying the coverage that members need.

At a time when governments, decision-makers and the public are questioning the future of our health care system and the means to maintain access to quality health care, Blue Cross will always be there to bridge the gap between necessity and quality of life.