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Blue Cross introduces the Thompson family

Montréal, October 21, 2013 - Blue Cross launches a publicity campaign on television and on the Web to remind families that even the best public health insurance plan can't cover all medical expenses.

Watch the 60-second message
60-second message

An illustration of the pitfalls of living without health and disability insurance, ''Meet the Thompson's'' presents a young family that faces many unforeseen medical expenses due to common accidents.

We don't want to wage a fear mongering campaign, but people must realize that many essential health services are not covered by the RAMQ,'' says Marc Roussin, Québec Blue Cross' Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. Many workers are either self-employed or working for Small or Medium size business that don't provide any group health insurance plan. Without a disability plan, they put their financial security at risk.''

Flexible and affordable, Blue Cross health and disability insurance plans are available on line, at 1-855-906-8994 or through a health insurance broker.

About Blue Cross

At the beginning of the 1940s, when no social network existed for medical expenses, Blue Cross was the first to offer health insurance plans. The creation of the public health board changed its role but not its mission. From precursor, Blue Cross became a Partner of the public health system, offering complementary health plans covering services that are not provided for by the public plan.


Josiane Cousineau
Marketing Advisor
Québec Blue Cross
T: 514-286-8429