Summer vacation: which protection should you choose?

A majority of Canadians leave on vacation during the summer months. The United States remains the number 1 destination; however Sun destinations are just as popular now than trips to Europe, even during the sunny season.

Travelling in Canada and United States, by car
If you visit a Canadian province or cross the U.S. border by car, Summertime Blue travel plan will provide insurance for emergency medical care and ensure your security with the 24H travel assistance services. Moreover, our Summertime Blue will protect all of your trips, all summer-long, anywhere in the world.

Foreign destinations
If you purchase an all-inclusive package or head off to a a foreign country, and have made the financial investment in your trip, Package travel insurance is the plan you need. Our Package plan includes various benefits: emergency medical care, air flight accident, accidental death or dismemberment, baggage and the essential trip cancellation or interruption benefit to protect your investment. Should you have to cancel or interrupt your trip due to a valid cause of cancellation, you will get reimbursement of the incurred expenses that are non-refundable by airlines or tour operators. The Package plan is the best way to protect your trip from the risk of cancellation or interruption.