How to Save Money on Health Care Expenses

Health care costs are always on the rise; however by taking a few simple money-saving measures, we can not only help minimize these costs, but help control them. 

Always ask if a generic alternative is available instead of a brand name drug
Generic drugs usually provide the same results as their brand name equivalent and cost considerably less.  This will minimize any potential out-of pocket expenses you may incur. 

Compare pharmacy dispensing fees. The range of dispensing fees does vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.  Choose a pharmacy with low dispensing fees to reduce the overall cost of your prescription.  Dispensing fees are usually visible behind the pharmacy counter. 

If you and your spouse both have insurance coverage through different plans, take advantage of Coordination of Benefits.  Coordination of Benefits allows you to claim the unpaid portion of your expenses through your spouses’ insurance plan.  Make sure you indicate your spouses’ insurance information on the claim form you are submitting. 

Ask your dental provider if they charge in accordance with the current Blue Cross Fee Schedule.   
All dental services are based on an assessment of reasonable costs for these services. If your dentist charges more than this for a service, you will be out-of-pocket for the additional amount.

If you have a Blue Cross Health Insurance Plan, take advantage of the savings available to you through Blue Advantage
Blue Advantage provides you savings from providers across Canada, regardless if the item is covered under your benefit plan.  Visit for the list of savings.  Know more…save more.