50% of Canadians travel in Canada without travel insurance

An Ipsos Reid survey reveals that 50% of Canadians travelling in Canada do so without protecting themselves with travel insurance.

David Redekop, principal research associate of the Conference Board of Canada is astounded at the statistic: ''Purchasing travel insurance when travelling to another province or country is one of the most prudent purchases a traveller can make.''

Travelling within the Canadian borders creates a false sense of security. The Medical Care Insurance Act guarantees Canadians universal coverage throughout Canada, however only up to the maximum fees established by their provincial public health plan. As soon as an individual travels out of their province of residence, he or she is exposed, just as when travelling abroad, to medical fees that are not covered by the provincial health plan or that are covered up to a maximum that is, most of the time, insufficient. Health care fees vary from province to province.

A case in Vancouver
September 2006: a man suffered from cardiac condition while visiting Vancouver. After being hospitalized and repatriated back to his province of residence, he was faced with a medical bill of $7,963.12. Fees covered by the provincial health care plan only covered $386. Without a travel insurance plan, this man would have faced out-of-pocket expenses of $7,577.12.

A simple and cost-effective solution
Summertime™ Blue covers all trips made out of the province of residence from June 6 to September 6, 2011. For as little as $52 per person or $100 per family, this protection covers 5 million dollars for emergency medical expenses. The family plan covers all trips made by the family members regardless if they travel together or not.