Disability Insurance

Blue Flex Monthly Indemnity: Disability Insurance
Blue Flex® Monthly Indemnity: Disability insurance for those without income or in high-risk occupations.

If you are retired, a student, a seasonal worker, stay at home spouse, part-time employee or work in a hazardous occupation this coverage is ideal for you.

Many occupation categories that may not be eligible for traditional disability coverage are eligible under this plan.

Based on your age and current health condition this Disability insurance can offer you up to $2,000 per month in benefits.

As with all our plans, this program comes with many special features.  You can choose from a selection of waiting periods and benefit periods that allow you to tailor your plan to your budget and needs.

For more information on this product including benefits, eligibility and special features please refer to the pdf below or contact your Blue Cross insurance broker for information and a quotation.

See pdf for more details