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Tobacco destroys your eyes
The more you smoke, the more your vision is affected

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This cause-and-effect relationship is true for a number of eye disorders, particularly for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is three to four times more likely to occur in smokers.

These results are from a study carried out on 12,500 people. The same study showed the inverse to be true: stopping smoking helps bring the risk of AMD down to near-normal levels. For this reason, ex-smokers are only slightly more at risk than non-smokers.
Note that patients already suffering from AMD in one eye and who continue to smoke increase their risk of afflicting the macula of the other eye at a later date. The macula is in the central part of the retina—an area of acute and detailed vision. Without it, you cannot read.

Source : 17/03/2004
Dr Isabelle Eustache

Britsh Medical Journal, No. 328 (2004): 537-538