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Passive smoking history written on a single hair
The hair method is more reliable than a urine sample.

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Your entire passive smoking history written on a single hair

An original study compared the levels of nicotine in the hair with the levels of nicotine found in the urine of 350 babies aged between three and 27 months who were hospitalized for respiratory diseases. The results were then compared with a questionnaire on smoking in the home, completed by the children’s parents. The authors of the study concluded that the “hair” method is the most reliable for indicating levels of nicotine exposure.

This study yielded a very interesting additional result. Parents who were smokers, but who said they smoked only outside the house, never inside, didn’t completely shield their children from exposure to nicotine. In fact, these children were found to have medium levels of nicotine, placing them between those whose parents were non-smokers, and those whose parents smoked at home.

The conclusion: nicotine gets into everything—clothes, furniture, exhaled air …

Take note: when you smoke inside a room, nicotine can still be detected 12 hours later!