Assistance Program

Support Services

After hospitalization or childbirth, timely reassurance for you and your loved ones.
After a hospital stay, it's crucial that you take time to recover. After any hospitalization
of two days or more, including time after delivering your baby, the program offers a variety
of services designed specifically to help with your daily needs.

Let our trained professionals provide just the right assistance whenever it's needed
including a chance to catch your breath !

• You benefit from domestic help (light housework) for up to 15 hours during the 30 days following your return home from the hospital.

• Medication supplies will be delivered to your door, even if you live in a remote area
(up to 30 days following your return home).

• A refund of up to $250 per hospitalization will be given to defray the cost of transportation of a friend or a family member travelling to help you (including fees for a train, bus, etc.)

• Benefit from a personal response device with a personal help button built into a wristband or pendant for three months following your hospital discharge – for those in need of that extra bit of safety.

• Get tutoring services for a student who misses more than two weeks of school (elementary and high school levels – up to 90 hours).

You've just given birth ?

After childbirth, the Assistance Program fills in where you need it most.

On top of the services offered after a hospitalization, during the three days after your return from hospital, you can benefit from the services of a registered nurse and support services
(up to eight hours per day) :

• Nursing care at home

• Appropriate advice in regaining your strength

• Tips regarding your new role as parents

• Domestic service needs


Depending on the services you require, our medical team or an agent will authorize and coordinate home care services, nursing care, remote supervision, and tutoring.

There is no limit to the number of hospitalizations you can undergo.