What are the eligibility requirements for a Blue Cross health insurance plan?

To apply for a Blue Cross health insurance, you must:

• Be a resident of the province of Québec
• Have a valid card of the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ)
• Not be hospitalized
• Meet the eligibility criterias related to the selected plan (consult the list of health insurance plans)

I am perfectly healthy. Why should I purchase a personal health insurance plan?

A personal health insurance plan protects you before you fall sick or have an accident. Your health requires protection, just as you insure your home and your vehicle in case of accident.

Blue Cross health insurance provides financial security. The cost of an MRI examination in a private clinic alone exceeds the annual premium of a personal health insurance plan.

Blue Cross health insurance provides you with greater peace of mind and better quality of life everyday. It gives you faster access to various health services in private clinics and provides added comfort should you have to be hospitalized. Moreover, all plans include the additional free services and discounts of our Assistance Program, exclusive to Blue Cross members.