List of health insurance plans

List of health insurance plans
Blue Flex - 18 to 59 years old
Extended Health Care - Basic coverage

Basic coverage for regular health needs and unforeseen medical expenses. Offered in 4 types of coverage: personal, couple, single-parent or family.

The amounts indicated are the maximum amounts refunded per calendar year.


100% reimbursement, no deductible

Expenses for a stay in a semi-private room

In a hospital for short-term care Unlimited number of days
In a public or private convalescent home Combined maximum of 90 days per year
In a physical rehabilitation centre
If a semi-private room is unavailable, you will receive a daily compensation of $25, as of the 4th day of hospitalization.

Diagnostic services

80% reimbursement, after annual deductible

Medical examinations

Laboratory tests (blood and urine, throat culture and cytology) Unlimited
Scanner (computerized tomography) $250/year
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) $675/year
Ultrasound $50/year
Polysomnography $400/24 months


Services of healthcare professionals

80% reimbursement, after annual deductible

Services of healthcare professionals with no prescription required

Acupuncturist, audiologist or hearing-aid specialist, chiropractor, dietician, occupational therapist, kinotherapist, massage therapist (prescription required), naturopath, speech therapist, osteopath, physiotherapist or physical rehabilitation therapist, podiatrist, psychologist $25 visit, max. $500/year for each professional
X-rays by chiropractor $25/year
Optometrist or ophthalmologist (eye exam) $50/24 consecutive months
Dental care following an accident $1,000/accident
Home nursing care (fees of a registered nurse) 160 hours, max. $5,000/year
Ambulance transportation, to or from the nearest hospital Unlimited


Prosthetics and orthotics

100% reimbursement, after annual deductible

Prosthetics and orthotics

Purchase and repair of hearing aids $500/36 months
Initial cost of an internal breast prosthesis following a mastectomy $200
Initial cost of a capillary prosthesis following chemotherapy $300
Purchase of orthopaedic shoes or podiatric ortheses $200/year
Purchase of elastic stockings $100/year


Medical and paramedical expenses

80% reimbursement, after annual deductible

Medical and paramedical expenses

Rental or purchase of a TENS device (pain relief) $500/year
Varicose vein injections (for medical purposes only) $20/visit – max. 15 visits/year
Intrauterine device (IUD) $75/24 months
Rental or purchase of medical accessories: syringes, hypodermic needles and reagent strips for diabetics Unlimited
Devices and accessories for ostomy patients Unlimited
Rental or purchase of oxygen, respirator, non-motorized wheelchair and manual hospital bed Unlimited
Rental or purchase of crutches, walkers, canes, casts, trusses and orthopaedic braces Unlimited
The annual deductible is $50 per individual policy and $100 per policy for a couple, single-parent or family and applies to certain benefits; please consult the brochure for more information.  
Extended Prescription Drugs and Dental Care - Optional Benefits

Personalize your Blue Flex health insurance plan by adding the Extended Prescription Drug or Dental Care benefits.

These benefits cannot be purchased without the Extended Health Care benefit and are offered in 4 types of coverage : personal, couple, single-parent or family.

Extended prescription drugs

100% reimbursement, no deductible

  • Deductible and co-insurance paid to your pharmacist for your prescription drugs
  • Certain prescription drugs not covered by RAMQ

Dental care

Reimbursement at 80%, after annual deductible

Preventive care

  • Diagnostic services
  • Complete oral examination (once every two years)
  • Space maintainers (Insured under age 18 only)


Basic care

Reimbursement at 50%, after annual deductible

  • Extraction of erupted teeth, restorative procedures, endodontics (e.g. root canal), periondontics (scaling), temporary dressing (pain relief) and polishing of fillings
  • Prosthodontics (cleaning, polishing, minor adjustments and rebasing)
  • Oral surgery and anaesthesia
The annual deductible is $50 per policy.
Monthy Indemnity in the event of an accident or an illness

Financial security in the event of temporary disability.

If an accident or an illness prevents you from working, receive a monthly indemnity of up to $2,000, depending on your age and gross annual income. The benefit will increase by 25% if a total disability prevents you from performing 2 out of 5 activities of daily living without assistance: eating, dressing, bathing, getting around and using the toilet.

You can select the coverage period: 2 years or 5 years. This protection may be taken out as a stand-alone plan or as and option to the Extended Health Care benefit.